Brief Introduction Of Lathe Tools–Zhuzhou Huaxin Cemented Carbide Tools Co.,Ltd.

Zhuzhou Huaxin Cemented Carbide Tools Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “Huaxin”) has established a good reputation in the market for its cutting tools with excellent quality and excellent service. Whether in terms of product performance or service quality, Huaxin has demonstrated strong competitiveness and deep heritage, providing customers with efficient and accurate machining solutions, and has won wide recognition in the market. In today’s article, different types of lathe tools from Huaxin will be introduced:

In the field of turning tools, Huaxin has launched two series of rough turning tools and fine turning tools. With their high efficient cutting ability and clear cutting angle, rough turning tools are able to remove a large amount of metal in a short period of time while withstanding great cutting force. The fine turning tools, on the other hand, focus on fine machining, and the cutting angle is carefully polished to produce a smooth and precise surface of the workpiece, which meets the demand for high-precision machining.
In addition, Huaxin’s boring tools are also highly regarded. Often used in conjunction with a boring bar, these tools can quickly enlarge the size of existing holes and ensure the proper installation of other components. Their excellent machining results and stability make Huaxin boring tools a popular choice in the market.
Huaxin also excels when it comes to forming tools. These tools are capable of machining all or most of the groove shape in one cut, which not only saves tool positions, but also shortens machining cycle times and increases productivity.
Threading tools are another star product from Huaxin. These tools are mainly made of high-speed steel and carbide, and are extremely versatile, suitable for small and medium batches and single-piece thread machining. Their cutting edges are straight, sharp without chipping, and the surface roughness is very low, which ensures the accuracy and efficiency of thread processing.
Grooving tools are also one of Huaxin’s strong points. These tools need to be selected according to the shape of the groove cut by the edge (e.g. square, round, etc.) to create narrow cavities of a certain depth for the conical, cylindrical or surface of the part, which meets different machining needs.
The end face tool is a specialized tool introduced by Huaxin for the need of plane cutting perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece. This tool can accurately provide cutting force perpendicular to the lathe axis, effectively reducing the length of the workpiece and improving machining efficiency.
In the field of chamfering tools, Huaxin also shows strong R&D strength. Its chamfering tools are uniquely designed to accurately machine bevels or grooves on bolts, providing high-quality chamfering effects on the corners of workpieces. When faced with a large number of chamfering jobs, Huaxin’s specific chamfering tools with side-cutting corners are indispensable.
In terms of cutting tools, Huaxin’s products also perform well. The cutting edge at the front end is the main cutting edge, and the cutting edges at both ends are the sub-cutting edges, which are suitable for cutting off a variety of materials such as high-speed steel and tool steel. Its excellent cutting performance makes the machining process more efficient and precise.
Finally, the shoulder tool is another highlight of Huaxin’s tool design. The beveled shoulder design together with the straight turning tool with side cutting enables precise edge angle and zero shoulder radius machining. The attached shoulder is turned by a straight tool with a tip radius that perfectly matches the radius of the workpiece fillet, ensuring accurate and stable machining.

In addition to high quality products, Huaxin has also won the trust of customers with its excellent service. The company always adheres to the customer-centered approach and provides a full range of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. From product consultation, selection and recommendation to installation and commissioning, technical support, Huaxin provides customers with professional and meticulous services to ensure that customers get the best experience in the process of use.

Post time: Apr-24-2024