Our company will participate in the 2023 Zhuzhou·China Advanced Cemented Carbide&tools International Expo

October 20-23, the 2023 Zhuzhou·China  Advanced Cemented Carbide&tools Exposition will be grandly held at the Zhuzhou Advanced Hard Materials and Tools International Trade Center, with targeted invitations to domestic and foreign buyers.


Zhuzhou, known as the “Capital of Cemented Carbides”, is the birthplace of China’s cemented carbide enlightenment and the cradle of the large-scale development of cemented carbide. It will focus on building the cemented carbide tool and material industry and forming an advanced cemented carbide industry cluster.

This exhibition covers a wide range of fields and has attracted numerous enterprises from various fields such as hard alloy equipment, advanced hard materials and tools, machine tool equipment, superhard materials, advanced ceramics and products, testing equipment and instruments, industrial automation, and industrial parts department to participate.


Our company actively responded and made an appearance at this expo, focusing on showcasing cutting-edge hard material products, technologies, and services, helping to enhance the global position and influence of Zhuzhou’s hard material industry.邀请函

Post time: Oct-12-2023